Antony Rosen, MD

Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Rosen is the Vice Dean of Research and also directs the Division of Rheumatology at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he is also Deputy Director of Medicine and the Mary Betty Stevens Professor of Medicine and a Professor of Cell Biology and Pathology. His expertise and research focuses on the mechanisms of autoimmune diseases, with particular emphasis on defining the role of autoantigens in rheumatic diseases such as scleroderma, lupus and arthritis. He has overseen a significant expansion to the Division of Rheumatology at Johns Hopkins University, nearly doubling the faculty size. Dr. Rosen continues to be highly successful in recruiting and mentoring the next generation of clinical and translational investigators who are dedicating their careers to research that will provide new treatment options for patients living with rheumatic diseases. In addition to his substantial research efforts, Dr. Rosen is a skilled clinician who is deeply committed to caring for his patients.