8 Ways to Save on Prescriptions

Author: Pain Pathways Magazine
Date Published: July-2014
Source: Pain Pathways Magazine

For many people with chronic pain, medication costs add up quickly. Here are eight practical ways to reduce the burden on your wallet. John recently went on disability because his chronic pain interfered with his ability to work. His limited monthly income makes it challenging for him to pay his bills, especially with the staggering cost of his many prescriptions. Sarah, who also suffers from chronic pain, is able to continue working. She is self-employed and pays for an insurance plan, but it has a high prescription deductible — meaning she has to cover a large portion of her medications on her own. Cliff, another chronic pain sufferer, has a steady job with good health coverage. However, due to the large number of prescription drugs he takes (many of them at the highest prescription tier), his copayments represent a huge chunk of his monthly budget.