Cure Crew Awareness and Fundraising Guidelines

By becoming a Cure Crew member online, you certify that you have read, understand and will adhere to the terms and best practices below.

The Scleroderma Research Foundation (SRF) appreciates all Cure Crew members who organize awareness building and fundraising activities to benefit the Foundation. Your support makes an important difference in our ability to find improved therapies and a cure for scleroderma.

The mission of the SRF is to find a cure for scleroderma, a life threatening and degenerative illness, by funding and facilitating the most promising, highest quality research and placing the disease and the need for a cure in the public eye.

The history of the SRF is one of excellence based on innovative research protocol, collaboration with leading scientific institutions, and partnership with thousands of individuals and organizations that have given their time and expertise to support the cause. The SRF’s staff, board and associates must perform their duties honestly and responsibly adhering to policies and standards of professional and business ethics and legal compliance to guide our mission. It is the SRF’s policy to comply with all laws and regulations and to require that all staff and volunteers do the same.

To ensure the continuation of these standards, the SRF requires all Cure Crew members involved in fundraising and awareness activities to provide reasonable evidence of prudent financial control and to comply fully with all relevant local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations governing the conduct of charitable fund raising activities. In addition, the SRF requires that all activity proceeds are forwarded to our office in a timely basis and that activity expenses are kept to a reasonable percentage of gross receipts.

With your help, we can ensure that the standard of excellence continues as the SRF advances its mission to find a cure for scleroderma.

The Foundation will provide support by answering any questions you may have and by providing materials to help make your activity successful.. Cure Crew members are not authorized agents of the Foundation. In order to protect both your interests and those of the SRF, please uphold the guidelines below. Should your activity violate any of these guidelines, the Foundation will not be held legally liable for any injury, damage, cost, or loss that may be suffered by any person or entity arising out of or in connection with your Cure Crew activity.

To obtain written permission or authorization for any of the guidelines below, please email


  1. All monies raised for the SRF must be obtained through legal means.
  2. If a Cure Crew member hosts an activity or sells an item to benefit the Foundation, the activity and/or item must be noncontroversial and promoted or sold in a non-controversial nature. Determinations of what is deemed “controversial” will be made at the sole discretion of authorized agents of the SRF.
  3. All printed materials must clearly state the amount that is being donated to the Foundation. (Example: “90% of your donation will go to the Scleroderma Research Foundation.”) Please note that there is an important distinction between “90% of your donation,” versus “90% of the proceeds of this event.” The SRF takes great pride in allocating more money to scleroderma research than any other like-minded organization. To that end, Cure Crew members must clearly state the specific dollar amount or percentage from the sale of each item that will be sent to the Foundation.


  1. The SRF assumes no responsibility for selling tickets for any Cure Crew activity.
  2. The SRF assumes no responsibility for providing volunteers or filling administrative and staffing needs.
  3. Cure Crew members are responsible for filing any necessary activity permits and providing insurance coverage, if required, for their activity. Cure Crew members accept all liabilities incurred from their individual activities.
  4. The Foundation will not compensate any non-Foundation employee in any manner in conjunction with a community fundraiser. The total cost to host or produce a Cure Crew activity should be 100% underwritten by the Cure Crew member, other volunteers or sponsors.
  5. Cure Crew members are responsible for creating and maintaining their own event/activity registration information (i.e., guest lists, contact information, any applicable event categories, etc.).
  6. The SRF cannot provide donor information to Cure Crew members beyond what is available via the online Cure Crew member pages. This includes contact information and donation amounts.
  7. The SRF retains the right to withdraw its approval and participation in a Cure Crew activity if the above guidelines are not strictly adhered to.


  1. Cure Crew members may not take fees, commissions or salary. The SRF requests that activity check(s) be submitted within one month of completion of the event or project. No bank accounts or holding accounts may be established under the Foundation’s name.
  2. All donation checks should be made payable to the Scleroderma Research Foundation. As often as possible, contributors should be encouraged to support Cure Crew members by donating online via your Cure Crew member page.
  3. The SRF recommends that total expenses related to promotion and activity overhead not exceed 25% of gross revenues. A responsible percentage of the gross revenues from all fundraising activities should be directed to research.
  4. Cure Crew activity proceeds should be submitted to the SRF within 30 days of the activity.
  5. None of the proceeds may be kept by any person involved in the event/activity as personal profit or compensation for personal services.


  1. All Cure Crew printed or online collateral materials must be explicit that the activity is hosted by the Cure Crew member as an individual or volunteer. Materials may not state or imply that the event is being hosted by the SRF.
  2. All Cure Crew publicity materials (e.g., press releases, solicitation letters, printed or electronic advertisements, save-the-dates and invitations, brochures, etc. ) must be submitted to the SRF for review and approval before they are made public. Please allow three weeks for approval from Foundation staff and understand that extra time may be needed for additional review after edits have been made.
  3. Cure Crew members may not use the SRF or Cure Crew logos on activity materials without the express written permission of an authorized agent of the Foundation.
  4. Cure Crew members are responsible for any formal or informal advertising costs if they should elect to promote their activity in such a manner. All proposed advertising (copy and graphics) must be submitted to the Foundation for review and approval before it is made public.
  5. The Foundation must be informed in advance of any businesses that Cure Crew members or their agents plan to approach for sponsorships or activity underwriting/contributions, so as not to overlap with existing Foundation fundraising activities.


  1. Cure Crew members are responsible for emphasizing to the media that their activity is hosted by the Cure Crew member as an individual and volunteer, not by the SRF or any of its agents.
  2. The SRF will not be responsible for providing any mailing lists, sponsors or speakers for the Cure Crew activities.
  3. Cure Crew fundraisers who wish to invite celebrities to their activity must submit a full list of proposed invitees to the SRF for review and approval prior to issuing such invitations. The Foundation reserves the right to prohibit Cure Crew members from approaching any celebrity who has an existing relationship with the SRF or SRF celebrity outreach (written or verbal).
  4. Cure Crew members should understand that schedules and budgetary constraints do not permit appearances or attendance by SRF spokespersons or staff at most Cure Crew events and activities.


  1. Each state establishes guidelines independently. It is important that you follow the requirements outlined to adhere to the laws governing your state.
  2. Please contact your Attorney General’s Office by phone or look on their website for the guidelines concerning raffles and auctions in your state. A listing of all offices can be found at and click on The Attorneys General button at the top of the site.
  3. In some instances, local municipalities have their own rules governing raffles and auctions. Call your local authorities to learn more.
  4. The purchase of a raffle ticket is considered ‘gambling’ by the IRS and cannot be taken as a tax deduction.
  5. The purchase of live or silent auction packages are only tax deductible by the amount in excess of what the IRS considers Fair Market Value.

By becoming a Cure Crew member online, you certify that you have read, understand and will adhere to the terms and best practices above.