Where can I find a doctor specializing in scleroderma?

Visit our Treatment Centers section. Note that the Scleroderma Research Foundation is not affiliated with any particular physician and, therefore, cannot offer any assurances on quality of care provided. Patients are encouraged to receive care at a specialized "Center" where many physicians and clinicians of different specialties work together to provide comprehensive care. One of the largest such Centers is the Johns Hopkins Scleroderma Center at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Another resource is the Scleroderma Clinical Trials Consortium. The doctors and medical specialists who work at these centers are extremely knowledgeable about scleroderma and are dedicated toward finding better treatments and a cure for the disease. Please note that there are many other physicians not included on these lists who see scleroderma patients.

Consult with your primary care doctor for a specialist to whom he or she refers patients. If you attend a support group, ask other members. Networking and reputable Web sites geared towards patient issues may also be a helpful resource and a good starting point for your research.

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