What tests could my doctor order to check for scleroderma?

A physician may first order an anti-nuclear antibody (ANA) test to see if the result is abnormal. This test checks for autoimmune diseases. If the result is abnormal, individuals will need a more specific and definitive diagnosis. To further evaluate a patient, physicians may run a blood count test or blood chemistry panel.

The anti-nuclear antibody screening tests include the antitopoisomerase (anti-toepoe-ISSAM-er-aze) antibody (anti-Scl-70) test and the anticentromere (anti-SENTRO-mere) anti-body test. The results from these antibody tests can provide some of the most important information to confirm a diagnosis.

A positive antitopoisomerase test may suggest diffuse scleroderma and a positive anticentromere test may suggest limited scleroderma.

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