What is being done (by the SRF) to find a cure?

The Scleroderma Research Foundation coordinates a number of activities toward finding a cure for scleroderma. The Foundation:

* Raises money to attract and provide funding to the best scientists, who are experts in their fields, to work on scleroderma.

* Sponsors basic and translational research projects at a number of leading institutions around the country, including Dartmouth, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, the University of Washington and others. For a complete list of projects and institutions, visit our Research.

* Fosters collaboration among scientists through open lines of communication, frequent discussions and annual scientific workshops. At these workshops, scientists share data and form collaborations to expedite research progress aimed at better understanding, treatments and a cure for scleroderma.

* Maintains a Scientific Advisory Board of world-renowned scientists who have taken a deep personal interest toward critically evaluating the supported scleroderma research. They all serve on the board voluntarily.