Vasoactive Therapy in Systemic Sclerosis: Real-life Therapeutic Practice in More Than 3000 Patients

Author: Pia Moinzadeh, Gabriela Riemekasten, Elise Siegert, et al
Date Published: November-2015
Source: The Journal of Rheumatology

A retrospective study of treatment of over 3,200 Systemic Scleroderma (SSc) patients in the German Network for SSc registry found that a little more than half of SSc patients received vasoactive drugs such as calcium channel blockers or ACE inhibitors. Researchers found that while prescriptions were trending toward greater use, SSc patients were not receiving sufficient vasoactive therapy. Vasculopathy is a key factor in the pathophysiology of SSc, Raynaud's phenomenon, digital ulcers and pulmonary arterial hypertension. The study was published in The Journal of Rheumatology.