Parenting and Scleroderma: How Does That Work?

Author: Kim Tocker
Date Published: November-2016
Source: Scleroderma News

“If you didn’t have scleroderma then you’d be a normal Mum, aye?”

Our youngest was making a comment about how he loves going for bike rides with his Dad, and wished I could come, too. In the same conversation, he talked about missing me at the latest school sports afternoon, and described how lots of the other kids’ mums had participated in the parents’ running races.

Immediately I had visions of myself in slow motion. His mum crawling over the finish line about half an hour after the race actually finished, with a few of the parents who felt sorry for me obligingly clapping from the sidelines. I also could visualize my prednisone fat quivering in the sun as I lay there gasping for breath. No, it all would be awfully unmanageable, and also extremely traumatic, for those having to witness that sight.