If the Shoe Fits … It’s a Major Feat!

Author: Lisa Goodman-Helfand
Date Published: March-2017
Source: Scleroderma News

Buying a new pair of shoes used to be one of my favorite things to do. The unsightly red spots, telangiectasia, which are generously sprinkled all over my body, limit the clothing I choose to wear. Anything backless, strapless, sleeveless, scoop-necked, or low-cut is immediately ruled out. Being that I am not by nature a conservative person, or Amish, having scleroderma has sort of sucked the joy out of shopping for clothes. But with shoes, the sky was the limit.

Though scleroderma impacted nearly every aspect of my appearance since my diagnosis at age 10, it had thankfully left my feet alone. High heels, platform shoes, open-toed sandals, flip-flops … no shoe was out of bounds for me. Aside from adhering to a reasonable budget, nothing stood between me and whatever shoes my heart desired.