iBio’s Endostatin-Related Peptides for Fibrosis, Scleroderma Issued US Patent

Author: Magdalena Kegel
Date Published: June-2016
Source: Scleroderma News

The pharmaceutical company iBio, which focuses on the clinical development of drugs for systemic sclerosis and other fibrotic diseases, was recently issued a U.S. patent protecting the company’s drug development attempts using endostatin-related peptides for the treatment of fibrosis.

According to a press release, the patent, US 9,365,616, titled “Use of Endostatin Peptides for the Treatment of Fibrosis,” complements earlier U.S. patents 8,507,441 and 8,716,232 covering this line of drug development. The patent covers both the composition of the drugs and the methods for which endostatin-related peptides might be used.