Adiponectin Is an Endogenous Anti-Fibrotic and Target in Systemic Sclerosis: Novel Link Between Fibrosis and Metabolism

Author: R. Marangoni, X. Zhou, W. Hong, et al
Date Published: December-2014
Source: Nature

Systemic sclerosis (SSc) skin fibrosis is associated with attenuated cutaneous adipose tissue and adipogenic gene expression. Levels of the adipose-derived cytokine adiponectin (APN) and its receptors, are both reduced in SSc, and inversely correlated with extent of skin involvement. We investigated the role of APN in pathogenesis of skin fibrosis in mice with genetic APN gain- and loss-of-function, and determined the effects, mechanism and therapeutic potential of APN-derived synthetic peptides on the fibrotic process in vitro and in vivo.