Anti-IFI16 antibodies in scleroderma are associated with digital gangrene

Author: Zsuzsanna H. McMahan, Ami A. Shah, Dhananjay Vaidya, Fredrick M. Wigley, Antony Rosen and Livia Casciola-Rosen
Date Published: December-2015
Source: Arthritis Research & Therapy

Objective: Our aim was to examine the association between anti-interferon inducible protein 16 (IFI16) antibodies and clinical features of scleroderma. Methods: Sera from a discovery sample of 94 scleroderma patients and 47 healthy controls were assayed for anti-IFI16 antibodies by ELISA, and associations were examined using regression analyses. As anti-IFI16 autoantibodies strongly associated with digital gangrene in the discovery sample, a subsequent 1:1 disease-duration matched case-control study was designed for further exploration. Cases were patients with scleroderma and digital gangrene, while controls had scleroderma and Raynaud's alone (n=39 pairs). Nonparametric unadjusted matched-pair analyses, univariate and multivariable conditional logistic regression were performed.