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Dad and I will be swimming, biking and running and we are so honored to do it for such a great cause...check out our story below...

We would love it if you could support us by clicking on the green "Support this Event" button below...it would mean a great deal to so many...every little bit counts! Blessings!

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    Matt & Lou's Long Beach Triathlon
    Date/Time:  Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 07:00AM
    Street Address:   700 Shoreline Dr.
    City/State:   Long Beach, CA
    My dad and I are blessed in many ways. We are surrounded by loving family and friends, I am just two months from marrying the love of my life and Dad is enjoying retirement with his. We both still have most of our hair and we have our physical health – sound mental health has always been and remains to be in question.

    On September 18th we will be participating in the Long Beach Triathlon. When we embarked on this challenge a few months ago, we looked at it as an opportunity to improve our fitness level (although Dad doesn’t need much improvement), push ourselves with the physical challenge and have some fun together.

    I recently supported a friend as he ran for a cause and it struck me: this race provides an opportunity for me and Dad to give back.

    Through my sister and chef Susan Feniger, I learned about the Scleroderma Research Foundation. I’ve heard stories and been a supporter for many years; I’ve lent a hand in the kitchen at Cool Comedy – Hot Cuisine even traveling from California to New York to help make the “Hot Cuisine” portion of the magic happen there. I have learned about scleroderma and the challenges patients face and have had the opportunity to meet many great people along the way.

    Beyond our personal fitness goals, Dad and I want to make a difference in the lives of scleroderma patients. We’re excited to take the blessing of our good health and turn it into something meaningful, like raising awareness and funds for scleroderma research. I hope you’ll find some room in your heart (and wallet) to support us along the way! For all of my LA-area friends, please come cheer for us on September 18th! No doubt Dad will be crossing the finish line first, so… Please be patient and keep an eye out for me as I crawl across the line about 30 minutes later. It’s not about the time (no matter how embarrassing it may be) – it’s about the father / son experience, getting in better shape and helping scleroderma patients.