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    2013 Event
    Date/Time:  Saturday, September 21, 2013 at 08:00AM
    City/State:   San Francisco, CA
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    2012 Run Like I’m Being Chased for Better Health and Hope
    Date/Time:  Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 08:00AM
    City/State:   San Francisco, CA
    As Executive Director of the SRF with family more than 400 miles away that I visit as often as possible, I don’t have a lot of spare time. Like most of us, I work a lot more than I work out. Still, I pledged as two of my personal goals this year to get in better shape and make a bigger difference for scleroderma patients beyond my workplace responsibilities. There was just one problem: I really do not like to run and, by “really don’t like”, I mean hate. Frankly, I’ve made it a habit to only run when being chased.

    Inspired by the dozens of people who ran marathons, 10K races, walked 18 holes and so many other activities to help people with scleroderma last year, I’ve joined the Cure Crew and have started the “2012 Run Like I’m Being Chased Campaign for Better Health and Hope.”

    Knowing that I can’t run my way across the street, I’ve committed to training for a 5K race which I will run on April 22nd. I’ve been training and hey…may even turn it into a 10k! I know more serious athletes might consider this a training distance but, for me, it is quite an undertaking.

    I have been blessed to meet so many remarkable people in the scleroderma community… each serving as an inspiration in their own unique way. Patients like Sharon Monsky, SRF Founder; Jenny Faenza and Marina Duque—all wonderful women who have led inspired lives and shown me what it is like to face adversity with grace and determination.

    To make my training regimen a bit more interesting (and motivating for me) since the beginning of my training … each time I completed one mile on the treadmill, road run or elliptical machine, I’ve been adding $1 to my Chase Campaign training jar and have so far tallied nearly $103.

    And to make this more interesting for my friends/family, every time one of you is kind enough to contribute $50 or more to my cause, I will contribute $1. For each $100 gift or more, I will contribute $5. As I think inspiration is infectious, this motivates me more and helps me to show just how much your support means.

    When it comes time to run my race on April 22nd, hopefully, I will have found a new joy for running and “my chase” will have inspired others to look at how they can give back. Even if my running shoes never hit pavement again it will be a win-win all around.