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Thank you for visiting my Scleroderma RESEARCH Foundation page. I really appreciate it!

As most of you know I am a scleroderma patient. Scleroderma is Greek for “hard skin,” which describes the most visible symptom, but it’s much more than that; often attacking the lungs, kidneys and other internal organs with life-threatening consequences. Although my disease is primarily stable right now, the same is not true for many other patients who are in dire need of new treatments to both improve and prolong their lives. Four out of five patients are women between the ages of 30 and 50 but the disease also strikes men (like me) and children.

I recently joined the Board of Directors of the Scleroderma Research Foundation, America’s leading nonprofit investor in medical research to help patients. They’re funded research at Johns Hopkins, Stanford, UC San Francisco and elsewhere is turning the tables on this disease. In fact, for the first time, they’ve proven in a laboratory setting that the fibrosis responsible for scarring throughout the body can not only be stopped, but actually reversed!

This holiday season, please help me to make a difference in the lives of scleroderma patients by making a donation to the Scleroderma RESEARCH Foundation. I also invite you to peruse the site while you are here and learn more about the disease and the Foundation dedicated to putting themselves out of business by finding a cure, here.

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    Please join me in the fight against Scleroderma. Your support will enable the Scleroderma Research Foundation to fund research that will find improved therapies and, ultimately, a cure for people living with Scleroderma.